About the project

PLAYDO is a national research program that lets you look at the world through the eyes of children and youth. We get to know the opinions of young respondents and we test the products targeted at them to build a friendly market co-created by children.

Playdo is a research project which supports the development of children and youth. We know how important their opinion is, that is why we created PLAYDO. Carrying out the research, we want the children to have fun and learn while sharing their opinions. Thanks to the author's method, each test is adjusted to the development and cognitive capabilities of children.

Playdo was created for young consumers, their parents, companies providing products for children and young people and the institutions that educate and raise young generations.

The companies that participate in the research not only get to know valuable opinions about their products, but also support the development of children and youth. The schools and kindergartens which cooperate in the research receive support in the form of educational materials and creative toys. For children every test is a new adventure and the opportunity to explore the world. Playdo allows parents to shape the products dedicated to their children.

For our respondents’ sake, we attach particular importance to the careful preparation of the research. We make sure that the subjects do not raise any ethical concerns. Through cooperation with schools and kindergartens, we provide the children with the comfort of natural conditions, which guarantees high quality of the results obtained in the research.


Playdo involves a team of specialists - psychologists and sociologists - for whom the contact with children is not only a part of the daily work, but above all, it is a great joy and even greater responsibility. The people involved in Playdo ensure that the research is interesting for young respondents and provides valuable recommendations for our business partners.


She is a psychologist and a lecturer with years of experience in working with children, young people and parents. Privately, she is a huge animal lover and a mother of two children.

In Playdo her task is to ensure that each research meets the ethical standards and is good fun.


She is a psychologist and a lecturer with some corporate experience. She is particularly interested in social and management psychology. She is a great enthusiast of Italian cuisine.

In Playdo she sees whether each test is matched up to our objectives.


She is a psychologist specializing in the use of theoretical knowledge to solve real problems. She loves downhill skiing.

In Playdo she is responsible for delivering the latest knowledge and the development of research approach.


She is a sociologist with experience in the implementation of social and marketing research projects. She is particularly interested in the sociology of gender and the media. Privately, she is a great enthusiast of music, books, salsa and baking cakes.

In Playdo she deals with organizing research and communication with all the people concerned.

Research approach

The research which we conduct in Playdo require extreme sensitivity of our researchers. Each project is analyzed in detail from three perspectives. First, we ensure that the tests are safe and friendly for our young respondents. Secondly, we focus on the fact that the research goals have to be achieved in 100%. Thirdly, we make sure that the research have an educational dimension. Thanks to Playdo we get to know the world of children and youth, making it better at the same time.

Determining the objectives of the research
Test preparation
Implementation of research with children
Presentation and research report
Award for school or kindergarten
Better and smarter children’s world

Responsibility and Ethics

Each study conducted by us is friendly for young respondents. In our activities we adhere to international standards in the field of psychology, sociology and market research. Each implemented project must meet the five basic principles:


In Playdo we deal with various projects, we always try to make the study useful and interesting. We do not confine to a single format, we are open and ready for new challenges. We enjoy our work and are happy to share our impressions.

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